I am Nicholé

“My passion is stronger than my fear”

~ Nicholé McGill-Higgins

Visionary | Thought Leader | Author | Speaker

It shouldn’t have to happen to you to matter to you! – Danielle Coke

I believe if we’re radically honest with who we are, where we’re from, and become more willing to have dialogue based upon curiosity and openness and  develop a genuine awareness that “more connects us, than separates us”, we are on our way to unpacking and cultivating a more inclusive experience of what it is to be human and what belonging means to ourselves in relation to everything else.

Nichole McGill-Higgins is an author, visionary thought leader, dynamic global keynote speaker, Soul Transformation Therapist, founder of BEE-Longing by Nichole McGill-Higgins and Changez.Life, facilitating her signature programs in the diversity, inclusion, and belonging space.

Her Soul’s mission is to help individuals and leaders deepen their emotional landscapes to challenge current beliefs and truths in order to foster a fresh way of thinking about inclusivity and connection.  It is through radical self-awareness, empathy, and accountability that transformational conversations can take place making our lived experiences safe to share, be seen, heard, validated, and witnessed

“I am fiercely transparent because you can’t build real connections or relationships from anything less than a willingness to be honest. Just so you know who you’re working with!”

Accolade and Coaching Credentials