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An extract from my book

Question: Where does the world of inclusion, diversity, and belonging meet the world of a Phone Sex Operator?

There’s a magical part around sex that we don’t talk about. A world where being seen, heard, loved, valued, safe, and accepted has been hidden away and deemed “taboo”

I’m Nichole, your guide to Belonging – just so you know my experience in life isn’t limited to the traditional, or what some might believe a Global Keynote Speaker “should” be introducing to the masses.

Where I sit where I am now. I belong in the work that I’m doing, I always have.

I definitely feel this is my zone and my frequency. I created a quote for myself which is ‘my passion is stronger than my fear’ This has truly become one of my staple mantras. I have two definitions of FEAR. Fuck Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. And sometimes they are both needed.

What I realised in my life was my passion and my fear had this inner Jedi fight, a battle for my purpose. For many years I thought fear was my Achilles heel, I used FEAR as a scapegoat, blaming it
instead of embracing it. When literally, within the last year – I had the biggest epiphany my passion needed my fear! It was the partner that allowed me to be informed and my fear was the fuel for my purpose, without it – I was only able to tap into half of my genius. THIS WAS A MASSIVE EXPLOSION – A REALISATION! For the first time I felt empowered in a completely different way, my purpose was my expression, my passion was my driver, and my fear was my protector and informer.


A bit about The Gift

The 26 incredible women in this book have faced challenges that would make many of us wither in fear. They have rebuilt their lives after each setback and come through the other side wiser and more in touch with their inner selves.

They nurtured their steely resilience with kindness and harnessed their feminine power through manifestation, bringing them contentment, wealth and success.

They have manifested love and brought healthfulness into being. Their belief in themselves became real-world results, which exceeded even their own expectations

As you learn more about these women, you will come to truly know yourself. Whatever has come before must not define your present and future. Only you can do that and you can make your life whatever you want it to be.