“I help organizations build a hive mentality, where Belonging, Empathy and Equity aren’t buzzwords; they’re the core of thriving organisation”

~ Nicholé McGill-Higgins

Nicholé McGill-Higgins

Lets make our organizations more human centric

Bee-longing in the corporate arena was born from the need for greater understanding of Diversity and Inclusion, but really the ultimate destination is a sense of being valued and accepted as individuals within a cooperative environment.

If a company and its leaders don’t understand “exclusion”, the work of integrating a cohesive strategy that is genuine will fall short. Shifting learnt behaviours laced in personal bias and stereotyping is work that starts from the inside. Individuals form the collective. 

When organizations recognize the value of human contribution and equity they create opportunities to have necessary discussions that dismantle systemic beliefs and patterns.

They become beacons of integrity for their employees and stakeholders. This is the work that we’d be doing together, if everyone is winning, and value is experienced from all sides, “win-wins” become the standard as everyone’s needs are being acknowledged.

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